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There are several car rental companies in London. Examples of these companies include Alamo, Budget, Hertz, Avis, Thrifty, Europcar, Sixt and Enterprise.

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2013-06-27 08:07:17
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Q: Where can one hire a cheap car in London?
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Where can one find cheap car hire?

One can find a cheap car hire in the Yellow Pages and online at Expedia. There are many places to find a cheap car hire and the process is very easy for most people.

Can you hire a car in London and tour Ireland with the car?

A car hire company in London might not let you take it out of the country. You would be best to hire one separately in Ireland.

Where can one find cheap car rentals in London?

You can find the best deals on car rental service in London, by simply searching on Google. Search London car rentals on Google and you will get the best deals on Every ride you book with. Multiple vehicle options are available to hire within your budget.

Where can one hire a cheap car in Spain?

One can not "hire" a cheap car. If you mean "buy" a cheap car, try either a used car lot, or personal sales with the help of ads. If you mean "rent" a car, then ask the airport, car retailers, or car repair locations for advise on where to rent from.

Where can one find cheap car hire in Canary Islands?

You can find cheap car hire in the Canary Islands by going to the Travel Supermarket. They choose the right car hire for you after you enter the information that is needed to find a proper driver.

Where can one hire cheap car in New Zealand?

There are many places where one may be able to hire a cheap car in New Zealand. This includes companies such as Apex Rentals, Rental Car among many others.

Where can one book a cheap car hire in Lanzarote Spain?

One can book a cheap car hire service in Lanzarote, Spain from a host of different sources. Carhire3000, TravelSupermarket and Argus Rentals all supply affordable car hire. Expedia also provide a car hire add-on when customers book a holiday with them.

What is the most popular car rental agency in London?

The most popular rental agency in London is the Avis Car Hire company. They rent many types of cars for an extremely cheap price! It is highly recommended one rents from them.

Are you guaranteed a car for hire with car hire 3000?

You are guaranteed a car for hire with them insofar as you have the money to hire one. This is quite likely as they boast cheap rates and have several branches in the UK, Spain and the US.

Where can one hire a car carrier truck?

A car carrier truck can be hired from "Budget Truck Rental" which is located in America. In Great Britain one can hire a car carrier truck from "Transporter Hire" which is located in London and Birmingham.

Where can one obtain information about cheap car hire in Ireland?

One can find information about cheap car hire in Ireland by looking in local newspaper, magazine, and flyer advertisements. Often, employers will post job listings through these mediums.

Does car hire 3000 offer cheap rentals?

Car Hire 3000 is one of the few car rental agencies located in the US, Europe, and the United Kingdom to offer cheap car rentals for travel with over 6000 pickup points worldwide.

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