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As with other parts on a vehicle, replacement foot pedals on a car can be found at many specialty sites on the web. Examples include American Retro, JC Whitney, and Car Parts.

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Q: Where can one find replacement foot pedals for a car?
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How many foot pedals does a automatic car have?

two-brake and accelerator.

What was the very first car to have the arrangement of foot pedals that we are familiar with today?

chuck norris

What is a foot pedal?

A foot pedal is the same thing as one of the brake, accelerator or clutch pedals in a car, it is could also refer to one of the pedals on a bicycle or the pedal on a sewing machine. In other words it is a leaver operated by a person's foot.

Which machines work with levers that people use everyday?

Door handles, car foot pedals, human appendages.

If your car is in a hydroplane you should?

Keep your foot off the brake and gas pedals and coast until you regain traction.

Where can one find a car remote replacement?

You can find a car remote replacement at BrentwoodAudioCar online. In order to get a replacement you need to provide them with the FCC ID number on the back of the remote.

How many foot pedals does an manual car have?

A manual (transmission) car has 3 foot pedals. You use your left foot on the CLUTCH on the far left. Your right foot is used for the BRAKE in the middle and the ACCELERATOR on the far right. The harder you press the ACCELERATOR with your right foot, the faster you accelerate. The harder you press the BRAKE pedal the more pressure is applied to the brakes, slowing you down quicker. The CLUTCH pedal when pushed in far enough, will disengage the gears from the engine, allowing you to change gears. When you lift your left foot, the clutch engages the engine to the gears and will provide power to your gears, and in turn, to your wheels. And what if you have an Parking brake operated by foot and its a manual ? O-o 4 pedals !

I am 16 and i want to use my dads car for the road test using the pedals not the hand controls Are you allowed to use a car that has hand controls on the road test if you don't use them?

i think that you can drive the vehicle but you can't use the controls. you would need to use foot pedals.

Are the pedals in an American car the same as a British car?


Where is the accelarator and brake pedal provide inthe f1 car?

The Accelerator and Brake Pedals are in the same place in a formula one car that you can find them in a normal car. In the lower region of the car near the drivers feet so that he can comfortably press either of the pedals. They are even present in the same order they are found in a normal road car.

Where can you find a replacement for your original car repair manual?

The best place to find a replacement for your original car repair manual would be by contacting your car manufacturer, if this is not possible, you could try car stores such as Halford, which usually stock car manuals.

Where to find replacement sun visor for a Lincoln town car signature?