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The AAA website has a great AAA shop locator to find what type of work you are looking to get done on your car and where to go to get it done. Check your local AAA website or the AAA's YouTube channel. Both are great sources of information.

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Q: Where can one find out more information about getting car repairs done under the AAA car service?
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Where do I need to get may car repair service if its under warranty?

If your car is under warranty and the service required is covered you will likely need to get the service done by the dealer. Warranties do not cover repairs done if not done at an authorized dealer.

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Service contracts that you may buy with a new car provide for the repair of certain parts or problems. These contracts are offered by manufacturers, dealers, or independent companies and may or may not provide coverage beyond the manufacturer's warranty. Remember that a warranty is included in the price of the car while a service contract costs extra. Before deciding to purchase a service contract, read it carefully and consider these questions: What's the difference between the coverage under the warranty and the coverage under the service contract? What repairs are covered? Is routine maintenance covered? Who pays for the labor? The parts? Who performs the repairs? Can repairs be made elsewhere? How long does the service contract last? What are the cancellation and refund policies? Click here for more about used car service contracts. As an appliance installed I suggest that everybody buy an extended warranty on ice machines. It will definitely pay for itself. As far as other kitchen appliances, it is probably not worth the money.

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Best Buy is a nation wide electronics store that provides a service called Geek Squad. They perform repairs covered under manufacture's warranty. If the TV is larger than 42 inches then the service will come to your home to repair your television.

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Should I ask for a second opinion for auto repairs not under warranty?

When it comes to auto repairs, you should always ask for at least two to three different opinions. Since many mechanics have different prices, you will save money by getting different quotes on pricey costs when you don't have a warranty.

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