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First, you can go to the Kelley Blue Book website and check out their information page. Otherwise if you're looking for an outside source check out the Better Business Bureau.

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Q: Where can one find information about Kelley blue book used cars?
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Do they have a kelley blue book for old cars?

Where is the best place to find the value of a car?

you can get this information on the Kelley's blue book website it is there you can put in your cars information and it will give you the info you need .

Who wrote the book for consumers called What's The Value of My Car?

If you are talking about the Kelley Blue Book, for the blue book value of cars. The first Blue Book of Motor Car Values was published in 1926 by Les Kelley.

How does Kelley Blue Book determine the car values used?

The Kelley Blue Book takes several factors into play when deciding what a vehicle is valued. These include model, make, year, total mileage, and overall condition. Cars can be valued higher or lower than the Kelley Blue Book value depending on factors not addressed in the Kelley Blue Book.

Kelley blue book used cars value?

Better than Kelly Blue Book is NADA Guides.

What is the blue book price for cars?

Refers to kelley blue book-a dealer's guide. You can check values online & they have it in print as well.

Where can I find blue book used cars?

The Kelley Blue Book is way to research and find thousands of used cars. is one of the most trusted sites for finding blue book used car prices.

How does one sell cars through the Kelley Blue Book company?

If one plans to sell cars through the Kelley Blue Book Company, they need to first have their car checked by a mechanic to make sure to the car is in safe condition. Then they should give Kelly Blue Book a call at 800.BLUE.BOOK.

What are the benefits of searching for used cars on Kelley Blue Book?

The Blue Book gives accurate information about a car's current value based on MSRP, Dealer's pricing, current market value, and retail pricing. It serves as a valuable base for buying and selling new or used cars.

Where can I look for car values of used cars?

If you are looking for the car values of used cars, there are many things that may assist you. The Kelley Blue Book and AutoTrader are both reliable and popular ways of finding such information.

Where can one find information about 1969 dodge charger prices?

Information about the price of 1969 Dodge Chargers can be found in Kelley Blue book, Auto Trader, Cars and Trucks, Car Price Guide and American Classics.

What is the Kelley Blue Book valuation for used Honda Civic cars?

The Kelley Blue Book is a website for many different vehicles to compare prices and valuate them. To find out the exact valuations one is looking for on a used Honda Civic one would have to know the models one would like to compare. Also, one would have to find the information based on one's location. A used 2012 2 door Honda Civic is estimated to be 17,000$ depending, according to the Kelley Blue Book.