Where can one find cars under 5000 dollars?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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You can find cars under 5000 dollars online using a used car site.You could also have someone close to you sell you the car easily and that way it will be from a trustworthy person.

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Q: Where can one find cars under 5000 dollars?
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Where do I find good cars under 5000 dollars?

You can find many vehicles under $5000. You should look first at Consumer Reports to make sure the make, model and year is reputable and won't have unforeseen problems.

Where can one find more information about cars under 500 dollars?

There are many places to find cars priced at under 500 dollars. A good place to start is on Craigslist. Another good place to check is at auctions for used cars.

Do you think I can get a really good car under 5000?

You will need to do some looking around the news paper and classified sites to find cars at that price point. There should be some good cars for $5000.

What is 10 percent of 5000 dollars?

To find 10 percent of a value, multiply the value by 0.1. In this instance, 0.1 x 5000 = 500. Therefore, 10 percent of 5000 dollars is equal to 500 dollars.

Where can I find cheap pre-owned cars for under five thousand dollars?

There are many resources for finding pre-owned cars in your area. Auto-trader is a very good resource for this particular task. Finding a car for under five thousand dollars is pretty difficult.

Where can I find cars under 5000 at online?

I suggest This site allows you to enter your zip code and the distance away from your zip code, so you can find the right car, for the right price.

What cars can I buy for under 5000 dollars, but are good quality?

I would suggest a mini-van such as a Nissan Quest or a mid size sedan such as a Toyota Camry. You can go to used car lots such as Car Max and the friendly employees will work with your budget to find you a car that works best for your family.

What are the best new cars for under 5000?

Auto trader is the largest online site to search and purchase new cars and you can tailor a search to meet your particular needs. If you can't find what you want there, you can peruse the auto classifieds in your local newspaper.

Where can I find a horse in MeridianMississippi that's under 5000 dollars?

There are many websites that allow you to look for horses by state, by so many miles by your ZIP code, breed, gender and price.

What is 33.3 percent of 5000 dollars?

$1666.66 (2 d.p) To find 33% of an amount, divide it by 3.

Where can you find Nike Shox Nz for under 70 dollars?

You can find them on eBay for just 20 dollars!!!

What is 15 percent of 50.00 dollars?

To find 15 percent of a value, multiply the value by 0.15. In this instance, 0.15 x 5000 = 750 dollars.