Where can one find car battery terminals?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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One can find car battery terminals at most automotive part stores, including AutoZone, Pep Boys, Advance Auto Parts, Carquest, Napa Auto Parts, and O'Reilly Auto. One can also find this product at select discount department stores, such as Walmart, Sears, and Kmart.

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Q: Where can one find car battery terminals?
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How do you know if your alternator is gone?

easy...all you have to do is to remove either one of the battery terminals,while the car is idling...if it dies,then it is not charging

How do you change car battery connectors?

1. turn iff your car engine 2. remove the battery terminal. AT FIRST HE BLACK THEN THE RED TERMINAL. 3. use a wrench to loosen up the plugs and then 4. unplug the battery terminals. 5. get the connectors and find a similar one from autozone or some places like this 6. do the same thing in a reverse manner.

Can you touch a car battery with a wrench?

only if it's off The plastic body of the battery, or one of the terminals, yes, BUT... disconnected from the vehicle or not, DO NOT allow any metallic object to touch BOTH of the battery's terminals [Positive and Negative] AT THE SAME TIME. This is because that touching both terminals at the same time with any conducting metal such as a wrench will create a SHORT CIRCUIT, and COULD cause the battery to explode, throwing shrapnel and battery acid everywhere for several feet around the shorted battery.

How do you disconnect a battery on a 1994 BMW 525I?

Very simple. Just unscrew the bolts on the two terminals, pull it out, remove the battery and after replacing the battery, reconnect the terminals one at a time and tighten the bolts on the terminal.

Do you need to replace the starter in a 1999 olds cutlass if the moteor will crank sometimes and sometimes not at all?

Maybe. Could also be battery related. Start by cleaning your battery posts and making sure the terminals are tight and not corroded. Loose/dirty battery terminals can cause all kinds of electrical problems. Most auto parts stores will check starters and batteries (and alternators) for free. The battery is easiest; you can drive the car to the store (if it will start) and they can check it in the car. If the battery is OK and the terminals are clean, get the starter checked; you have to remove it to do that. They will (I'm sure) be glad to sell you a new one if it's bad.

Why will car start with jump but sit dead without New battery?

You need to clean the battery post and cable terminals, you are probaly not getting a good connection between the post and terminals.Answerthe alternater on the car is done for you'll need to install a new one

What would cause your car to not start?

if the battery isn't dead, or the terminals loose or dirty, number one cause - ignition problem (spark plugs not getting electricity)

Where can I find instructions for do it yourself car battery installation? has an article on how to replace a car battery. There are also several videos on YouTube that you can find on how to replace a car battery if you are so determined to do it yourself. I would suggest have someone with experience put one in.

Changing the battery on a Mazda 6?

Changing the battery on a Mazda 6 is very easy to do. You will first need to remove the bar that is over the battery, then you will need to remove the battery terminals. After the battery is removed, put the new one in and put the battery terminals back in place, and put the bar back on.

Where does one find the plip battery?

It is in the remote door key fob for your car.

Where can one purchase a car battery booster?

Car battery boosters are not very challenging to find at all. In order to purchase a car battery booster, one can visit any retail store that sells products for vehicles such as Sears and Pep Boys.

Does the 1999 1.4 Honda civic have a cut off switch?

I don't believe it does. To cut of power to the car completely, just remove one or both of the leads from the terminals on your battery. :)