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You can find a list of car dealers offering Buy Here Pay Here financing at various websites. A good example would be BuyNPayHere. They have a list which is seperated by state and city.

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Q: Where can one find a list of car dealers offering Buy Here Pay Here financing?
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Where can one find current new car loan rates?

Car loan rates are typically found at car dealers, if the dealer or the car company they sell for is offering financing, or at local banks and credit unions.

I would like to purchase a heavy duty F250 Ford Truck. Is Ford offering any financing specials in Nashville?

It doesn't look like there is any financing special currently going on at any Ford dealers. You can go online to the dealership closest to you and get preapproved to find out your rate. You can also try your local bank.

Where can I find financing for mobility scooters that doesn't involve medicaid or medicare?

Some individual dealers may offer financing on there scooters. You can also attain a loan from your bank to purchase the scooter.

Are there any government or military programs that can get you a car or money for a car with bad credit?

look for dealers that advertise 'second chance' financing. Failing that, find a car lot htat offers 'buy here, pay here' that reports to the credit bureau to build your credit back.

Can a new car dealer finance a new car purchase?

Yes, new car dealers can finance a new purchase. Many dealers work with multiple banks to help find financing for their customers.

Where can one find information about land financing?

Here are some websites where one can find information about land financing: Bankrate, Zilllow, wikiHow, FatWallet, LendingUniverse, and Mountain Land Company.

Where would one find the best van financing available?

There are many car companies currently offering low financing on vans. One can inquire with a local dealership for their financing options. As well one can finance vehicles through many other financial institutions.

Where can I find information on how to get financing for a business acquisition?

Here's a company that will provide financing for a business acquisition: A local bank can help you with financing options for a business investment. Contact a loan officer for more information.

Where can a person find information on home financing rates?

Home financing rates are often published online by the various banks and other companies that are offering deals on them. They can also be found in price comparison sites such as Gocompare and Comparethemarket.

Where can I go to purchase a saab car?

I would look at look car deals to find a Saab car. Many local dealers will offer financing and mechanic guarantees.

Is it posible that one person will have 100 financing mortgage?

Yes, today we could find many big companies offering 100 financing mortgage. From what i know this option is available to only those who qualify! Because there are many who don't.

Where can i get a direct line loan?

Have you tried the dealer selling the car to you ? Often the dealers will give you the best financing you can find. If you are going to buy from an individual, then you might want to compare costs of financing through either your bank or some of the websites that specialize in direct loans.