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Cheap car insurance can be found at some of the insurance companies that specialise in insuring learner drivers. One of these is Cornhill who will insure someone for 4 weeks for less than å£100.

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Q: Where can one acquire cheap car insurance for 17 year olds?
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Are there any companies who offer cheap insurance for 17 year olds?

Cheap car insurance for 17 year old drivers do not realistically exist. In fact, they are higher than other forms of car insurance, as 17 year old drivers typically lack the necessary maturity level.

Where can a nineteen year old get inexpensive health insurance?

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Why do insurance companies not offer cheap car insurance to 18 year olds?

Insurance companies usually have higher rates for young drivers due to their lack of experience, lack of responsibility, and the idea that they are more impulsive on the road. Not all teenagers are this way, but the insurance companies have to take care when insuring young drivers.

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Can a sixteen year old driver be on a eighteen year olds car insurance?

no that could never happen!

Will a 2004 Honda jazz 1.2 have cheap insurance for a 17 year old male?

We live in hope, but I doubt that there is any such thing as cheap insurance for a 17 year old male

Car insurance for 23 year olds?

Possible but more expensive. Almost all insurance companies will sell you a policy.

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Why would one want to acquire privilege insurance?

One might want to acquire privilege insurance if they live in the United kingdom. As far as i can see they have a lot of good benefits, such as under 1 year car replacement.

Can a 18 year old get cheap car insurance if her parents do not drive?

The answer: No. Insurance is not cheap to any young driver. Not being on a parents policy can be more expensive as well.

Where can I find cheap 30 year term life insurance online?

One of the best rated websites online and cheapest, please go to You will be able to find cheap 30 year life term insurance.

How to get a cheap insurance for 24 year old female?

There are many ways to look for cheap insurance for a 24 year old female. The Internet is your best friend. Just do a search. There you can apply online for quotes and compare different pricing.