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Within the EU it is no longer legal for insurance companies to consider the insured's gender when calculating their insurance risk. As a result insurance costs for women (who were previously considered a lower risk than men) have now increased. One can find cheap car insurance by carrying out a comparison quote on line or over the telephone. Some insurers (for example direct line and Admiral) do not offer quotes via comparison companies, so it is necessary to contact them directly (via their websites or call centres). An alternative way to access a wide range of insurers' quotes would be to use an insurance broker. Although you would pay a fee for their expertise, they can use this expertise to find a cheaper or better value policy.

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Q: Where can cheap car insurance for women be found?
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What companies offer cheap women's car insurance?

Without knowing what country one is located in, it is rather difficult to provide definitive answers as to companies that offer cheap women's car insurance. In general, women are usually cheaper to insure for car insurance. It has been found that there is a company that is called "Girl Motor" as well as "Diamond Car Insurance" but both companies are located in the UK.

Where can one find cheap woman's car insurance?

Cheap car insurance for women can be found at Progressive, Geico, Allstate, State Farm, Travelers, and AAA. Many discounts are available on car insurance depending on family size, where you park, and how many miles it is to your job.

Which companies provide cheap car driver insurance for women?

Many companies offer cheap car driver insurance for women. Some examples of these insurance companies include GEICO, Mercury Insurance, and State Farm.

Where will a person be able to find cheap car insurance women would want?

There are many websites to find cheap car insurance specifically for women. These include Diamond UK, GirlMotor, and Its4Women. Generally women pay less insurance than men.

Where in Delaware can I find cheap car insurance?

I have found several websites that may be of help to you in finding cheap car insurance in Delaware., Good luck!

Where can one find cheap women's car insurance?

Women and men can purchase car insurance from the same company, its illegal for one to discriminate. Any car insurance agent can help find the best deal on car insurance.

Where can one purchase cheap car insurance for young women?

Car insurance, along with pretty much every other type of insurance, including life and home insurances is always cheaper for women to purchase than it is for men. A place to purchase cheap car insurance for women include insurance agency offices like the offices of Geico and Progressive.

Where could I find cheap car insurance in Virginia?

Great car insurance rates for Virginia can be found at

Where can I find cheap gap car insurance in Texas if I put a low down payment on my car?

Cheap gap car insurance can be found in Texas but only under certain locations. You could try an all state or a Texas home insurance company for cheap gap insurance policies.

What companies offer the cheapest car insurance for women?

Many companies offer the cheapest car insurance for women, since women are considered to be lower-risk drivers. Companies that offer cheap car insurance include Progressive, Geico, Travelers, Nationwide and Esurance.

Where can one purchase cheap car insurance for lady drivers?

Generally women pay less for car insurance. For example GEICO, one of the most famous car insurance providers, offers great deals for women of all ages.

Which companies provide cheaper car insurance for women?

One can find different companies that provide cheaper car insurance for women, depending on the country. One can find cheap insurance for women from companies where the owner is a woman and as a result might trust more women.