Where can I purchase a used flatbed truck?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Check your local dealership for used flatbed trucks. Shop every dealership to find the best price for a used flatbed truck. It is a good thing you do not care about a specific maker or model that way you can broaden your search.

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Q: Where can I purchase a used flatbed truck?
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What exactly is meant by the term flatbed truck?

The term flatbed truck is used to describe a truck that has a flat "bed" body with no roof or sides. A flatbed truck is an efficient way to load goods and transport heavy materials.

Where can someone purchase a flat bed truck?

One can purchase flatbed trucks from dealers that sell trucks or commercial vehicles. One can find listings for flatbed trucks on websites such as CommercialTruckTrader or AutoTrader.

What are some commonly shipped items on a flatbed tow truck?

Flatbed trucks are commonly used to ship heavy load items. Some of the most common items shipped on a flatbed truck include vehicles, construction equipment, and heavy machinery.

Does driving a truck with a flatbed trailer involve special training?

I want to be a truck driver. Is there special training involved to drive a truck with a flatbed trailer?

Buy a Flatbed Truck?

form_title=Buy a Flatbed Truck form_header=If you need to move large, hard to ship equipment, a flatbed truck is what you are looking for. How heavy of a load will you be carrying?=_ Would you like to buy an extended warranty?= () Yes () No Will you be travelling across the country with the truck?=_

Length of a flat bed truck?

there is no set length for a flatbed truck the length of a flatbed truck depends on the length of the chassis on the truck there is a legal limit to the length of overhang past the back axle

Is it legal to ride in a car that's on a flatbed truck?


What weighs 4535kg?

A medium sized flatbed truck.

How much does a flatbed tow truck weigh?


When should I call for a flatbed tow truck instead of a normal one?

You should cal for a flatbed tow truck if you have all wheel drive and do not want to distress your system. Flatbed tow trucks cause less damage to your wheels and car.

What is a boom truck and what does it do?

A boom truck is a long flatbed truck with a crane attached. They are often used for reaching inaccessible areas and lifting heavy objects. In some respects, it is a type of crane.

How much does it cost to make a flatbed?

Need more info, are you building a flatbed for a truck, out of wood or steel, or a flatbed trailer, are you building it yourself, are you paying someone to build it for you?