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I think best solution would be to contact a local dealership or trusted shop which sell car parts. I would also visit trusted car mechanic if I was looking for new bearings.

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Q: Where can I get vehicle bearings for my vehicle?
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What type of bearings are used in vehicle differentials?

Usually tapered roller bearings.

Are bearings replaced in a car expensive?

Depends on the vehicle and which bearings. Wheel bearings, not so expensive. Main bearings inside the engine, expensive.

How might bearings improve the performance of a vehicle?

less friction.

Can you put grease in the wheel bearings of a 1989 Topaz?

You must remove the wheel bearings, inspect them, repack them with grease, and install them back in the vehicle.

Automotive Bearing?

form_title= Automotive Bearing form_header= Keep you car running like new when you replace the bearings. How old are your current bearings?*= _ [50] What brand do you currently have on your vehicle?*= _ [50] How often do you drive your vehicle?*= _ [50]

How do you grease Chevy Suburban wheel bearings?

You have to take the entire bearing out. No way to do it in vehicle.

What is the job of axle bearings?

Axle bearings support the weight of the vehicle and are called several different things depending on the suspension, axle, and control systems attached.

Cost of pillow block bearings?

The average cost of pillow block bearings is around $45 dollars a piece. You can shop for prices at for your specific vehicle.

How do you check condition and serviceability of wheel bearings?

You must go to the mechanic , as the vehicle must be on the lift. Otherwise, you can jack your vehicle up, dismantle each wheel , and grease and repack the bearings one at a time. That is not an option for most people, and done improperly may cause damage to the vehicle.

How do you repack the front wheel bearings on a 2001 Dakota 4 x 4?

You can't. The bearings and the hub are assembled as one and expected to last the life of the vehicle. When the hub/bearings do fail, the assembly is replaced as one unit.

How much is a bearing for a 1990 ford?

There are many different bearings in that vehicle. Need to know which one .

What Main bearing on a light vehicle engine are normally used?

Main bearings are what the crankshaft rotates on.

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