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try to visit Scrap Vehicle Disposal Scrap Car Collection & Car Recycling. They will collect your vehicle free of charge and disposed of at an Authorized Treatment Facility. They will talk you through the scrapping process. try to visit also their link:

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Q: Where can I get information on where damaged cars can be disposed of?
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What to do on damaged religious items?

If religious items are damaged beyond repair, they should be disposed of by reverent burial.

What are the disadvantages of cars?

They pollute People die driving cars Old cars need to be disposed of

Where can I find pictures of badly damaged cars online?

If you want to find pictures of badly damaged cars, you can look in the newspapers online and look up car accidents. You can also try looking at information on what not to do in a DMV site.

Will homeowner insurance cover your own cars damaged by hail?


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Where can one find damaged cars for sale?

Damaged cars can be purchased through junkyards and salvage yards as well as police impound auctions. Third party sellers could list damaged or inoperable vehicles in publications like Auto Trader.

How much money are damaged cars worth at a junk yard?

Depending on the junkyard, the type of vehicle, and the condition of the vehicle, damaged cars could go from a few hundred to almost ten thousand dollars.

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Maybe yo get revenge on someone who damaged their property.

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yes, but no cars can be moved or damaged in doing so.