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You can find appliance hand trucks for sale from online retailers such as U-Haul, Penske, or simply go to for good deals. These retailers have a variety of hand trucks at multiple sizes, and can fit even the lowest of budgets.

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Q: Where can I find appliance hand trucks for sale or rent?
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Should I rent hand trucks for delivering appliances Or buy them?

If you are serious about the business, it will be better to buy purchase you hand trucks now if you can afford it. If not you can rent them for just now.

Where can I rent a appliance hand truck?

A lot of places actually offer what you need. U-Haul is the most mentioned and personal experience says they are reliable. You could also go to Lowe's and purchase one outright. Sun Belt rental and Budget Truck Rental also have hand trucks to rent.

Where can I rent a hand truck?

You can find out where to rent a hand truck by checking out your local yellow pages for a place near by or going on to to find more places

How much does it cost to rent a hand pallet truck in San Diego?

It depends on what company you decide to go with. The cost usually runs between $20 and $50 per week. There are various companies that rent out hand pallet trucks in San Diego. It has hard to give a specific cost because different companies rent different types of pallet trucks at different prices.

How do I find a company that will rent a pickup truck to me?

Help: Find the closest U-Haul near your place. You can also ask a rental company if they rent pick up trucks.

Does Budget offer box trucks for rent or do I have to go to UHaul?

Budget truck rental rents box trucks. You can find more information at

Where can you find commercial car?

You can find commercial cars from companies such as SG Car Mart, Avis, Enterprise Trucks and Rent Thrifty. Another company you should consider is Hertz Trucks.

What kind of equipment can one rent from Cresco Equipment Rentals?

Cresco Equipment Rentals rents all types of tools. They rent hand tools, power tools and larger tool for the construction industry. They even rent trucks.

Where can I find a cheap dump truck to rent?

The aren't really any national companies that rent dump trucks. I would search locally in the newspaper or Craigslist. Additionally, you can always find some one that will do it for you.

Where can one find rentals for Chevrolet commercial trucks?

Chevrolet commercial trucks can be rented from many companies. Discount Car and Truck Rental as well as Enterprise offers many commercial trucks which one can rent. Many are Chevrolet box trucks.

Where can I buy or rent a food truck?

There are many vendors that will sell or rent food trucks online. One great example of a vendor that you can buy or rent and lease a food truck from is called Prestige food trucks.

Where can I find one ton dump trucks for rent in my area?

You can find dump truck rentals with Budget Rental and can visit their website at You can also find rentals at