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You can get a good used commercial van in Dallas Texas,from your local Penske dealr. Penske regularly sals trucks fromm there fleet,the trucks are always well maintaned.

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Q: Where can I buy a commercial van in Dallas, Texas?
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Where could I buy a refrigerated commercial van in Dallas?

Commercial Truck & Equipment carries used refrigerated commercial vans. They are located at 4525 Irving Blvd - Dallas, TX 75247 Phone: (877) 878-5489 . You can view current inventory and locate other dealers at:

What region of Texas is van located in?

Van, TX is 50 miles East of Dallas on IH-20 in Northeast Texas. About 20 miles Northwest of Tyler, TX.

What are the release dates for The Van Zandt Shakedown - 2013 SUSPENDED?

The Van Zandt Shakedown - 2013 SUSPENDED was released on: USA: 2013 (Dallas, Texas)

Is there a step van for sale in this area?

You can buy a step van at commercial truck stores as well as ebay and craigslist.

Where can I find a wheel chair van in Dallas that is, or can be, adapted for a handicapped driver?

The are multiple wheel chair van providers in the dallas area. You also buy used van and modify them at a local auto and body shop to be used by a handicapped driver.

Where can I get information on van rentals in Dallas, Texas?

Avis rent-a-car has good choices upon van rentals, or you can search online and find a closest dealer near you.

What city is halfway between Phoenix Arizona and Dallas Texas?

The halfway point between Phoenix, Arizona and Dallas, Texas is Eagle Flat, Texas.

Where to rent a conversion van in Dallas Texas?

Call this company below they seems to have what you are looking for in the DFW Area.DFW Conversion Van RentalsSpacious Luxurious Travel Comfort866-343-5368

Where is wills point Texas?

You can go to and get your info. Hope that helps you :)

Is there a company in Dallas, Texas that offers handicap van rentals?

Yes there areseveral companies taht will rent you a handicap van. I would check out the information at Texas Wheelchair Accessible Vans offer rentals of handicap vans. You can visit their website at

Looking for a used Van, Truck or Commercial Vehicle for sale?

You can do a search for a used van on if looking to buy a used van without the use of a dealer. You can also search for used vans on

What city in Texas starts with van tx?

No city in Texas begins with Van Tx