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Q: Where can I buy K and N air filters in Thailand?
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Where can I find a good air intake to buy online?

There are many good places to online to buy air intake filters. For a good review of what filters are best, you may find a good review at the following website: . You can find k and n filters at K and N Filters website at, or at the Official K and N store at

Where can one purchase KandN car air filters?

K&N air filters can be purchased both online and in stores. Stores such as O'Reilly Auto, K&N Store, KN Filters, Amazon, and 4 Wheel Parts all sell K&N air filters.

Does k and n air filters reduce fuel economy?

no it helps it out

Best air filter you can buy?

K&N. 40-60 dollars depending on type needed. Lifetime warranty. Can be cleaned and not replaced. Can also buy the oil spray for filter and seal spray. Go to K&N filters on google.

Where can one purchase KandN air filters?

One can purchase K&N air filters at the local K&N dealers or installer, such as 12Tune International BV, BCCP Fuelsystems, EFKA Import or HOCO PARTS BV.

What is the best performance air filter for a Chevy?

K & N make some of the best air filters available.

Can having two air filters increase performance on a vehicle?

If you have a really well built engine that pulls a lot of air and has a fairly small filter then maybe. Instead of going with two filters just invest in a good K & N air filter. It flows more air than the regular air filters.

Does K&N make good air filters?

Yes theirs are efficient long as changed on schedule.

Does k and n air filters use more petrol?

No, They allow air to flow more freely then stock air filters. On a standard carburetor engine they can reduce the amount of fuel used, because, less vacuum is needed to draw air into the engine.

Where can someone find a universal air filter?

Try S&B Filters they are better than K&N. The duration of the FIPK for like 5 years and you can find out which one will fit the FIPK. K&N's Universal Air Filters are designed and manufactured for a wide variety of applications.

What brand of airfilter will help my cars engine performance?

K&N makes quality performance products, esecially air filters.

Are there any good specials on K&N Air Filters?

I did not find any specials currently being run on K&N Air Filters, however I did locate a couple of online resources you may want to check out. Auto Anything offers free shipping and offers to beat the price you find for a K&N filter you find anywhere else. You can check out their selections at Autoparts Warehouse is offering free shipping with purchases over $50 and you can see what they have to offer at