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For Quick Shade Replacement Parts you need to call Bravo Sports Their phone number is 800/248-5327

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Q: Where are replacement parts available for quik shade canopies?
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Where can I buy a replacement canopy without the frame for a quic shade?

You can order replacement canopies online directly from the Quik Shade company. As of October 2014, the price for the W100 replacement canopy is $54.99.

Are replacement parts available for the plastic brackets that help hold the support rods on the variflex quick shade instant canopy?

Bravo Sports 800-248-5327 sells quik shade parts

Where can you find replacement canopies for patio swings?

Most canopies for patio swings sold by the major retailers didn't last very long. But, good news! There is a company that specializes in patio swings - canopies - and cushion covers. They use only durable Sunbrella fabric which comes with a 10 year fabric warranty. All makes and models and product is made in the U.S.A. Search for swingcushioncovers website.

Where do I get replacement part for Moto Shade XT part no 135060?

Check the Home Depot website for replacement parts.

Are portable canopies a good way to shade my patio?

Yes they are a good way. The reason is the sun does not comes to the same spot everyday so you are able to use it to maximum use and get the shade where you want it to be.

What is the concept of pop up canopy about?

Pup up canopies come in handy for many things like holding an event, providing shade, and providing shelter. These canopies can be easily and quickly put together and taken apart when needed.

Where can you buy a Replacement frame for a quik shade canopy?

I( need the frame for my Quik shade

Are there replacement parts for flex shade canopies sold by walmart?

Contact: Customer Service HKD Global Ltd Toll Free: 888-280-7876 Fax: 636-239-7356 In season hours 8:00 am to 4:30 pm CST This company has great customer service. I just ordered a replacement corner bracket for $5.00 with $10.00 UPS shipping. Just provide them with the model number (on tag of canopy) and the part you need.

Where can you find the replacement part for the tilt mechanism in a lyon shaw patio umbrella pole?

I have a broken tile mechanism also and wonder where i can get a replacement part. if you have found a place that sells replacement parts for tilt shade umbrellas i would appreciate you let me know about it. thanks mike

Need prices for canopy weight plates?

we have bought four (4) quik shade instant canopies and we need to know prices for weight plates, also the weigh they have

How do you shade six and three tenths?

shade in 6 then divide the next circle, square, ect.. into 10ths then shade in 3 parts.

Are there any ways to fix roller blinds?

Yes you can get replacement parts on roller blinds online. Some of these places are and