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Blown head gasket

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Q: When you put water in the radiator you turned the car on and white smkke started to come out of tailpipe so you checked the engine oil and it looked creamy looking?
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2006 ford expedition started clunking noise and white and black smoke out tailpipe?

probably a blown head gasket

Vehicle has a large amount of smoke coming out of the tailpipe once it is started?

possible head gasket if car got over heated

Fixing a heating radiator cord on a 2003 VW jetta?

never heard of a radiator cord - is that something you pull to get it started ??

Car broke down today it sounded like a plastic breaking sound and smoke started pouring out the tailpipe checked engine and antifreeze was in the engine it leaked some oil then stopped what happened?

There is'nt supposed to be anti-freeze in your engine. probably what happened is the ant-freeze made your engine stop. So you have to clean your engine or get a new one.

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Your 1999 Mazda Millenia started running rough and blowing white smoke out of the tailpipe you think it may be the head gasket but could it be anything else?

supercharger seals could be bad

Why does 2003 Mitsubishi lancer rpm drop when ac is started and when is cold started rpm do not go um.what control the rpm?

Have your servo control checked

Why does your VW jetta temperature light pop on when the car has just started?

It is normal for a temperature light to come on in the VW Jetta when the car is started. If the light stays on, it is probably an early warning that there is something wrong with the radiator. The car may be overheating right away when started because there is no fluid in the radiator, or there is a fluid leak somewhere in the system.

Why would a 2002 jeep wrangler leak water from the tailpipe when started up 1st thing in the morning but no other times?

Water is a normal part of vehicle emissions. When you start your vehicle in the morning the exhaust system is cool, so water will drip out of the tailpipe. Once the engine has run for awhile, it gets hot so the water comes out as steam, which is less noticeable.

How can you tell when the thermostat has opened?

The upper radiator hose gets hot do to the fact the coolant has started to circulate.

Should you car be started when adding anti freeze to a 1998 Chrysler Cirrus?

Start it after filling the radiator.

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