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You've probably blown a relay. When you reconnect a battery, you connect the positive terminal first.

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Q: When you hook up the battery terminals you hear a click from the fuse box and then the car might or might not start?
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Why does Mazda tribute just click when i try to start it?

Corroded battery terminals, defective battery, or starter.Corroded battery terminals, defective battery, or starter.

What would make a 2001 Dodge Dakota just click when you try to start it?

Check both battery terminals mine did the same thing but battery was 100% tightened terminals and no problems.... if corrosion on terminals a baking soda + water concoction removes corrosion very easily. usually a click is a dead battery or an incomplete circuit. Best of luck

When i turn the key it wont start not even a click I have a 1999 Ford contour?

You have a flat battery! Check that your batter terminals are connected

Why does your 1994 Honda Civic only make a click sound when attempting to start after installing a new battery All terminals are tight?

faulty solenoid.

If my battery on my Mazda protege 1990 is charge when i go to turn it over it goes click click click and won't start but also i noticed my clock isn't on?

Either the battery just shows charged under no load or a bad ground at the terminals or starter. I think?

Honda crx wont start?

these might be your problems: BATTERY IS DEAD CORROTED BATTERY TERMINALS STARTER IS NO GOOD ALTERNATOR IS NOT CHARGING those are the only things that have to do with the car not starting

Will a bad ignition relay on the 1997 sc2 cause it to click when you turn the key and create problems to start vehicle?

That's more likely to be caused by a low battery or corroded battery terminals but it COULD be the starter. If you can jump start it you probably have a faulty battery or alternator.

Can you charge the battery from the jump start terminals under the hood?


Could bad battery terminals cause a car to not start?

Yes they could be cleaned and battery charged

Car wont start but horn sounds?

Sounds like you might have a bad starter solenoid. Test your battery terminals first to see if they are loose or corroded.

When 1992 galant key is turned to start sometimes It will do nothing second time it will start?

If you get a single "Click" the first time Check for dirty or loose battery terminals, check wires on solenoid, or replace solenoid

My 1995 windstar tried turning over this morning but couldn't then i went back out to start it again and it had no lights or anything chkd fuses battery alt and starter all good. Any idea?

your battery terminals may have battery acid build up between the terminals and battery posts, remove both terminals and clean with boiling water refit terminals and try to start again...same thing happened to me once...