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When I replace a tire, the first thing I do is make sure the car is in park, (sounds obvious, but do it), and that the emergency brake is on.

Before you lift the car, loosen the lugnuts, (in a star pattern), slightly. Then, use your jack to lift the car, and finish removing the lugs. Then, replace the tire and finger tighten the lugnuts. Lower the vehicle.

In a star pattern, tighten the lugnuts completely.

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Q: When you change a tire what action should you take?
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When you have a tire blowout what you should do?

stop and change it!

How do you change the tire on a Citroen Picasso?

Take it to a garage

What should you do when you have a rear tire blowout?

stop and change it!

How do you change your bike tire?

You take the rim and tire off the bike, remove the tire and tube, then repair and replace on the rim.

What is the correct puntuation for professor is running late she had to change a flat tire?

It should be --- The professor is running late; she had to change a flat tire.

How do you change a rear tire on a gsxr 750?

in order to change the tire on any bike you first have to take your chain off the tire, which etails a little more work that a car. in order to take the tire off you, have to take the front firings off and find your front sprocket. once you have located it you want to remove it and keep all the parts. after you get the chain off you can begin to loosen the rear bolt that goes from fork to fork, then the tire should come right off.

How long does it take to change a tire at a discount tire stop?

A single tire change can take anywhere from fifteen minutes to a couple of hours, depending on how busy the shop is and how knowledgeable the mechanic is. Your best bet is to call the store and ask how long the service would take.

How much does it cost to change the bike tire?

It takes very little skill or effort to change a bike tire. Anyone who rides a bike should be able to do it.

What do you do with rubber tire after you use them?

You should take them to a disposal centre

Do you take tire off to change oil filter on 1993 grand am?

You can but it is not necessary.

How to change tires - step by step?

She should look in the back of her car to get the jack and replacement tire. Then she should go to her manual. There they will give her the proper instructions on how to replace a tire.

How can I repair my cars tire?

If you want to repair your car tire because your car tire got a hole in it, then you should take it to Gilbert and Renold's Car Tires and Repair Shop. They will be able to repair your car tire.

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