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At or near the same speed as the traffic on the freeway.

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Q: When you are merging onto the freeway how fast should you be driving?
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Should drivers check or look for hazards on a freeway?

Yes they should, when you are driving on a freeway they then to be strait and fast and you tend to get bored. However, they can be pieces of shreded tyre on the road or pieces that have fallen off a load or animals (deer, badgers etc) that you may impact. At speed an impact will do allot of damage and may cause you to involve other cars. You need to be vigilent at all times when driving but especially so on a freeway.

How much time does it take to drive 32 kilometers?

That depends on how fast you're driving. On a freeway, it will take about 15 to 20 minutes.

What is the driving distance from Cleveland Ohio to Sandusky Ohio?

It depends on how fast you are going. If you go at average freeway speed, you should be able to get there in about an 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours. Hope I helped.

How many hours driving is 1100 miles?

It depends on how fast you're driving and how many stops you make, but assuming most of the route is freeway, it will probably take around 20 hours, plus or minus an hour or two.

How long is 90 miles in hours?

that all depends on how fast you are going, if you are going 60 mph it will take about a minute a mile so about an hour in a half. but if could be different if your driving on back roads or if your driving 70 on the freeway.

How fast can you go when entering a freeway?

If you have a dead asian hooker in the trunk and the police are chasing you... Very fast!

Will a hybrid car engine still accelarate fast?

Many hybrid vehicles still produce adequate power for everyday use. Most hybrid vehicles still contain a gasoline engine which will be utilized when the driver opens the throttle and desires more power, such as when merging onto a busy freeway.

Does driving fast save you gas?

no, it wastes gas by driving fast.

How many hours is it going to take if takes 211 miles?

Depends on how fast you drive. If it's all freeway driving at 60 Miles Per Hour, it's approximatly a 3 1/2 hour trip.

How do you use decrease in a sentence as a verb?

I should decrease my speed I am driving too fast.

When driving on a freeway posted for 65 but most other cars are driving 70mph or faster you may legally drive how fast?

no matter what state the answer would be 65 or whatever posted limit all you do by following everyone elses speed is let the cops have a larger choice of cars to pull over

How many mpg does a Toyota Corolla get on the freeway?

A Toyota Corolla can get up to 120 MPG on the freeway. The newer models of Toyota Corolla can get anywhere up to 150 MPG, which is considerably fast for the brand.