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The brown wire is usually for the tail lights, or park lights.

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Q: When wiring a trailer to a truck you know where the yellow green and white wires go where does the brown one go?
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What wires go brown and blue from old fashion red black wiring?

red - brown black - blue green/yellow - green

How do you wire a 4 prong trailer wiring plug?

If you are referring to a 4-wire flat trailer cord then; White=Ground, Brown=Marker/Tail, Yellow=Left turn, Green=Right turn.If not, see the answer to the Related Question shown below.

Wiring for trailer?

yellow left turn,green right turn,brown tail lights,white ground on standard 4 wire system brake lights will work off turn signals.

What is the color code for wiring my 1996 S10 blazer trailer hitch?

Vehicle side, Brown, running lights Yellow, left signal/brake light Green, right signal/brake light Black, ground Trailer side, white is ground

How do I wire a plug to a 1965 Yellowstone camper with trailer brakes and red green yellow brown black and white wires?

Red =Brakes or not used Green/yellow right turn Yellow/brown left turn Black= hot White= ground

What is the color coding for the radio's wiring in a 1993 325?

The 1993 BMW 325 radio wiring colors are red, brown, green, yellow, and white. The red wire is the positive wire. The brown wire is the ground wire. The green and yellow wires are the speaker wires. The white wire is the auxiliary wire.

Where is the best place to connect the red green brown and yellow wires for a trailer on a 1998 Mitsubishi Montero which has the wiring harness under the rear seat and no obvious matching wires?

The best place is to take off the rear taillights and wire into them with splitters.

Why does your trailer lights go out when you hit the brakes on your f 150?

You have a grounding problem at the trailer. The white wire is the ground on trailer wiring. The taillights are brown, the signals and stops are yellow and green. Sometimes the white wire will loose its continuity with the truck, causing the lights to black out. It could also be a wiring issue with the trailer itself, but most likely its the ground giving you feedback and causing the blackout. run a wire from the ground contact on your plug back to a spot on the tongue and secure the end of the wire to the trailer at that point. Do not rely on the contact of the trailer with the ball hitch to establish a ground.

What color is the left blinker wire for a trailer plug on a 2003 ram 2500?

Left is yellow, right is green, tail lights are brown.

What are the UK wiring colours?

The brown wire is live (Mr Brown is a live wire!)Blue is the neutral wire for the return current. Green/yellow is the earth wire.

What colors do brown make?

red + blue = purple blue + yellow = green red +yellow = orange orange +blue = brown yellow + purple = brown red + green = brown

What are the stereo wiring for a 1997 Subaru Outback?

: Wires colors: : Blue/yellow, red/white, yellow (silver dots), yellow/green, red/yellow, blue/red, green/orange, black (silver dots), white/green, brown/white, green (silver dots), white/red, red/black : primary color/stripes