When was unleaded gas mandated for all cars?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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In UK, all new cars from 1992 had to have a catalytic converter fitted, which required a strict diet of unleaded fuel. Many had 'cats' fitted as standard well before then.

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Q: When was unleaded gas mandated for all cars?
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Why is it called gas 87?

It's actually called 'unleaded gas'. Almost all cars have four cylinder gasoline engines, and some use regular unleaded and others premium unleaded fuel. The number, 87 in this case, is the octane rating of the fuel.

When did unleaded gas cars start being made?

In the USA, 1975.

Can you use regular unleaded gas in a BMW and Mercedes car?

Yes. You may not get the same performance (horsepower) as you would with premium gas, but modern cars can run fine on any grade of unleaded gas.

Can super unleaded gas be run in cars designed for regular gas?

Yes you can. Super unleaded gas is just lower in lead so it will not leave as much residue in the system thus giving better gas mileage.

What does incorrect fuel mean?

all cars today run on unleaded gasoline. however older cars(60's -70's) some ran on leaded or unleaded. even so , some cars today cannot run on regular gas which has a lower octane rating. some need to run on premium gas , which has a higher octane rating.....

Which gives better mileage unleaded gasoline or premium gasoline?

The best gas mileage from unleaded gasoline or premium gasoline depends on the car. Old cars get better mileage from unleaded.

What is the difference between unleaded and leaded gas?

leaded gas has lead in it, unleaded does not Leaded petrol (or gas as you Americans quaintly call it) contained a chemical called Lead Tetraethyl to improve its performance. It was then discovered that the amount of lead given out by cars (or automobiles) was making city air dangerous to breathe and so its use has been forbidden. All petrol/gas is now unleaded and "green". Car engines have needed to be redesigned to allow them to burn the unleaded fuel.

What types of gas do automobiles use?

Your average automobile will burn 87 octane unleaded gasoline. Some more sporty cars will burn 92 or 97 high octane unleaded fuels. All of which are a petroleum by product.

What octane gas does a 1970 beetle need?

All are designed for regular unleaded All are designed for regular unleaded

Why is mid grade better than unleaded?

Higher Octane levels in the higher grades of gas. All gas should be unleaded now.

What type of gas does a lamborghini need?

According to the link below these four cars require premium unleaded fuel.

What kind of gas does BMW take?

Most BMW Cars Take Unleaded Or For Some Special Ones Diesel.