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Seat belts were invented by George Cayley in the late 1800s.[citation needed] They were introduced in aircraft for the first time by Adolphe Pegoud, who was among the first men to fly a plane upside-down. However, seat belts did not become common on aircraft until the 1930s. Edward J. Claghorn was granted U.S. Patent 312,085 on February 10, 1885 for a safety belt.[12] American physicians in the 1920s advocated the use of seat belts in cars. Some of them even outfitted their cars with seatbelts. Plastic surgeon Claire L. Straith and physician C. J. Strickland were at the forefront of that demand. Strickland founded the Automobile Safety League of America. The American public showed little interest.[13]

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Q: When was the seatbelt first installed in cars?
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the first seatbelt was designed for volvos in 1849, the first u.s. patented seatbelt was designed in 1885. it wasn't until 1959 that the shoulder belt (three point) came about and became standard for the united states. hope this answered your question.

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not all classic cars have to have a that are from 1963 or older is legal to drive without a seatbelt.

What year did seatbelts get installed in automobiles?

Seat belts were invented in 1885 but the first modern use of the seatbelt was by Nash in 1949 when it was offered as an option. Ford also offered it as an option in 1955. Saab made then standard equipment in 1958. The first car with the modern 3 point seatbelt system was Volvo in 1959.

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