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Q: When was the first car to have push button start?
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How do you turn off a car with a push start button?

you push the button again

What botton do you push to start car?

you press the button start

What car has push button?

If you are referring to push button start almost every manufacture sells cars with this feature.

Would a push start ignition button work on a 99 vw jetta?

yes as long it was weird to the ignition so when the button is push it would start the car just like turn the key

What is dash push?

A Dash Push is a button that is fitted into the dash board of a car (short for Dashboard Push-Button)

When can i sound your car horn?

Push the car horn button....

How do you unlock car seatbelt?

Push the button.

How do you start a car?

Usually by turning the key (but alot of cars nowadays dont have a key anymore so u can push the "start-button"

How do you reset the fuel pump rest button on 1992 ford areostar?

the button is on passenger side up under the dashboard red button push button down the car should start

Is it possible to change the ignition in your car from a key to a push to start if so how and around how much should it cost?

yes /cost of toggle and push button switch

If your car broke on the middle of the road?

press that triangle button PUSH it out of the way so traffic can go around it. Then, push the button.

In some Toyota cars how does the push button start work?

You have what is called a "fob" It must be close to or inside the car, say maybe 8 feet or so from car. The radio code that it uses is encrypted and code hops for security reasons. As long as the fob is in place and your foot is on the brake you can push the button to start or if running to stop.

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