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You could have a problem with your fuel injection synchronizer. It could also just chirp until it is warmed up a bit which doesn't mean anything.

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Q: When warmed up chirping noise fuel injector area?
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What would cause a chirping noise while accelerating coming from the wheel area?

If the chirping noise speeds up as the truck speeds up, check the u-joints in the drive line.

Do the subwoofer in my auto cause a chirping noise?

It is possible the subwoofers are causing a chirping sound, you would be best taking them to a local dealer in your area and asking for professional advice

What causes chirping noise when exceleration happens in a 2003 ford explorer?

I have chirping sound when I excelerate. When it is damp or raining it chirps alot more. I have had it to a mechanic and all he did was give me a can of lubricant and told me when I hear it spray the area and this should take care of it.....well quess what it hasn't so i need some help or advice. The noise drives me nuts!!! Does or can anyone help me with this problem? would be forevre gratful !!!!!!! THANKS YOU

1996 Z28 350 makes a chirping noise from engine sound like its from rocker arms or lifter area?

Probably a sticking lifter; put in a can of RISLONE every time you change oil for the next few times; that should do it if it is just a minor problem. A chirping noise can also be a defective drive belt. I haven't heard of a chirping noise before, but I've heard of lifter tapping. If it's just some light lifter tapping, add some Lucas oil stabilizer next oil change. This is really good stuff that adds extra lubricants and protectants to the oil for better engine performance and durability. Adding this to your oil should take out any light lifter noise or tapping. I run this in my 94 Z along with full synthetic Mobil 1. They make the Lucas oil stabilizer in synthetic as well. Hope this helps you out.

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