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the stabilizer bars on the rear end usally the bushing s wear out

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2008-07-21 14:12:26
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Q: When turning right you hear a clunk sound?
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Can you put a 98 suburban transmission into a 97 suburban?

yes , as long as it is same engine block,be sure to use your old torque converter, and put tranny fluid in converter before installing it onto trans , when putting it on trans push it on turn to the right hear a clunk keep turning to right hear another clunk and there ya go it is seated properly. using your old torque converter ensures the fit to the flywheel

How do you get the can you hear me now badge in wild skies?

By turning the sound off and then on.

What happens when sound reaches your ears?

you can hear A very complicated process of turning waves into sound occurs in your ears

What would cause a growling sound when the car is moving?

Most likely a bad hub. Try turning the steering wheel right or left and see if the sound changes or goes away while turning. If it goe away or significantly changes when you turn left it is probably the right hub and vice versa when you turn the other way. If you hear a popping sound when turning it is the constant velocity joint.

When turning the steering wheel to right you hear a sound that resembles air escaping from a filled balloon that is let go of?

I would check to see if you need an alignment.

When turning right screeching sound?

If you hear a screeching sound when turning right, it may be your front tires. Simply get out and check the tires for pressure, as well as if a nail or shards of glass are stuck between the treads. If there is no nail or glass, it has to be your axle. Axles can erode over time to heavy use and wear and tear.

Does chemical energy change to sound energy?

it does it chages by turning on a fire and hear its crackles

Why do rabbits keep turning their sound collecting ears?

why do rabbits keep their big sound collecting ears

If you hear a clicking sound when turning left or right in a 1990 Honda accord dx is that an indication that you need new axeles?

YES. replace only the one that is cliking.

Why do you hear the sound with your right ear before your left ear?

The ear closest to the sound source hears it first. IF you always hear it "first" on your right, then you should have your hearing checked.

When you turn the wheel left or right you hear a poppping sound but only if going low speed like turning around?

Bad CV joints. Fix asap, as this is a dangerous situation.

What are the symptoms of bad CV axle?

When turning left or right, you will hear a clicking noise.

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