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You continue through the turn but only after you make sure that there is no oncoming traffic. It is your responsibility to yield to vehicles that are coming straight through the intersection.

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Q: When turning left at a green light do you stop then go or just go if theres no oncoming traffic?
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When you are turning left you must yield the right of way to oncoming traffic.?

Yes.unless you have a protected left turn such as with a green arrow.

When turning left on a green light and the oncoming traffic can not turn right on a red light who has the right away?

The left turn has right away

Is turning on red like going through a red light?

In many cities, a right on red is legal ONLY after you have made a full stop and there is no oncoming traffic. If you fail to stop and/or yield to traffic that has the green light, you will be charged.

Left turn on green light?

You're still required to yield to oncoming traffic.

When you are turning left you must yield the right of way to oncoming traffic?

When turning left, you must yield the right of way to oncoming traffic. There is no such thing as left of way, unless you are protected by a green left turn light. Always wait to see what the oncoming traffic is doing before turning left. Remember...there is no such thing as "left of way".

What does a green left turn signal mean?

It means that oncoming traffic is stopped by a red light.

Who has the right a way the person with a green light and a green arrow pointing left or the oncoming traffic does?

Normally, the green arrow would indicate that the opposing traffic has a red light and as such the green arrow traffic has right of way.However, due to mechanical or planning errors it is possible that the opposing traffic will also have a green light. If this happens, the opposing traffic (by virtue of going straight) has right of way. If this opposing traffic does not appear to be stopping, green arrow traffic should assume that opposing traffic has a green arrow and right of way. In the event of a collision when both have green, green arrow traffic (turning left) will be found at fault except in no-fault states where this will be considered a no-fault accident.

What is an advanced green?

An advanced green is a type of traffic light signal present in some jurisdictions in Canada, where the green light initially flashes while the matching light for oncoming traffic remains red, signalling to drivers that they may make an unobstructed turn across the oncoming lane while the flashing continues.

When you come to an left turn green arrow and it turns but the main light is green do you have to wait for the green light to come on again?

If you are referencing the "green arrow" to come on again, no, but you are suppose to "yield" to oncoming traffic, especially, more than likely, they have a green light to go. For example, if you are heading north in the north lane and a car is heading south on the south lane, but gets in the turning lane to make a left turn and there is no green arrow but their light is green, it is legal to turn, but you have to yield to oncoming traffic, make sure oncoming traffic is clear before you go out in the road. If not, it could cause a major accident.Added to clarify: If the green left arrow goes out and is replaced by a red left arrow or a red bullseye clearly meant to control the left turn lane, THEN you must wait until the next green arrow in order to make your turn.

At an intersection of two-way streets after coming to a full stop at a red traffic light a driver may?

..... wait for the light to turn green to proceed -or- if turning right - come to a full stop and after checking for oncoming traffic on the cross-street and pedestrians, turn right with caution.

A driver waiting to make a left turn when the traffic light turns green should?

Turn only after there is no danger from oncoming vehicles

Does right hand turn lane yield to oncoming left turn traffic onto a highway on ramp if no yield sign present for right hand turners.?

If you have a red light and left turners have a green light then yes. Otherwise the general rule is those turning left yield to those turning right.