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That depends. If it's a commercial use vehicle and the Gross Combination Weight Rating of the two vehicles is in excess of 26,000 lbs., then yes. If it's something like an RV trailer being used for personal recreational use, then no. The length of the trailer is irrelevant.

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Q: When towing a 40 ft trailer do you need a cdl?
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Do you need a CDL license to pull a 40 trailer in North Carolina?

The length doesn't matter as much as the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of the trailer and the Gross Combined Weight Rating of the combination of vehicle + trailer, as well as its use.

How long can a trailer legally be with out having a CDL in the state of Georgia?

Up to 53 feet, with a bridge length of 41 feet between the drive axle and trailer axle (40 feet in California). If it's being used in a for-hire capacity, the total combination must weigh 26,000 lbs. or less (18,000 lbs. or less in New York State) in order not to require a CDL. If the Gross Combination Weight Rating of the vehicle and trailer is over 26,000 lbs., a CDL is required - Class B is the trailer is rated under 10,000 lbs, Class A if it's rated at over 10,000 lbs. Recreational vehicles are exempt from CDL requirements, as are military vehicles, registered farm vehicles, and firefighting/first response apparatus.

What is inside dimensions on 40' trailer?

It's 40 feet long. Other than that, we have no idea, as we know nothing else about the trailer. We don't know if you're talking about a freight trailer, an RV trailer, etc.

Is a cdl required in California for a RV conversion bus?

You need a class 'B' CDL if the bus is over 40' long, and a passenger endorsement if carrying 15 or more people, or 10 or more people for hire. (Regardless of length)

Are 14 bolts at 10 MM x 40 MM long high tensile bolts strong enough for tow bar?

You haven't said what weight you plan on towing. However, that sounds good for trailer up to about 2 tons.

Utility trailer that is 5' X 8' ft The axle is 59 inches from the front of the trailer not the coupler You want to extend the back of the trailer 10 inches Would this be safe to do and pull a load?

On a 5' X 8' Utility Trailer you would want a 60% / 40% axle weight distribution for optimum towing/tracking of trailer. A design of 96 total inches in length would produce a 54" length from the front of the trailer to axle center. Adding an additional 10 inches to the rear of the trailer would then produce a optimum 63" length from the front of the trailer. Extending this trailer by 10 inches would fall into a safe range as long as you take into consideration the weight distribution of the load.

What is the axle position formula for a tandem trailer?


How much yards in 18 wheeler?

Of what commodity and what type of trailer? 25 - 40 in a dump trailer, depending on trailer wall heights and weight in relation to the commodity being hauled.

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How far does the tandems on a tractor trailer have to be up on the trailer?

49 out of 50 states have a 41 ft. bridge between the drives and trailer tandems. California, being California, has a 40 ft. bridge between the drives and trailer tandems.

How many question on the cdl exam?

Depends on what class of CDL you're going for. You have to take the General Knowledge test for any class. Air Brakes if applicable. Combination Vehicles if you're going for Class A, plus any endorsements you'll need. Figure on an average of about 40 questions per test.

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