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low for a highway when theres many people around ...and if your on a dark road with no one on it use you high beams so youll be able to see better ...but remember on a crowded road having your high beams on can affect other drivers

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Q: When should you use low and high beams when approaching a vehicle?
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When do you dim high beams to low beams when approaching another vehicle from the rear?

500 meters

Should you high beams when approaching deer areas at night which beams?


When to switch from high beams to low beams when a vehicle is approaching?

I like to switch around 200-300 feet away from them

Drivers must dim their high beams within how many feet when following behind another vehicle?

You must dim your high-beams if you're within 500 feet of an approaching car and dim your high-beams within 300 feet of the vehicle you follow.

How far should you turn off your high beams from an approaching car?

1,000 feet.

When approaching a vehicle at night how many feet should you dim your lights?

If you can see his headlights, drop your high beams. In some states its the law 300 feet at least.

When can you use your high beams?

You can use your high beams when it is dark and no one is approaching you and you aren't following anyone.

How do you turn the high beams on and off on a 1995 Chevy Corsica?

Should be like any other vehicle. (pull turn signal stick back (high beams on), pull it back again (high beams off).

What should vehicle operators do when approaching a vehicle at night?

Dim headlights form high beam to low beam

When overtake another vehicle at nightwhy should you use your low beams?

Because - as you overtake the vehicle in front, high-beams will be reflected straight back at the driver - through their mirrors. Low beams are angled more towards the ground.

At what distance from an approaching car do you need to dim your headlights?

Be considerate in using your high beams. Your headlights must be on low beam when you are within 500 feet (150 m) of an approaching vehicle, or within 200 feet (60 m) of a vehicle ahead of you, even if the vehicle ahead is in a different lane. You should also dim your lights for pedestrians approaching you. (Alaska and Oregon are the same as New York - 500 feet.)

If a vehicle using high beams comes toward you you should look towards of the road.?

The right side