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Replace it only if it becomes defective.

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Q: When should you replace your ignition coil?
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How do you test ignition coil on your Alero 1999?

1999 Alero how do i test ignition coil pack

Should you change all ignition coil packs?

The newer style coil packs are no longer a maintenance item and don't really wear out. If one coil pack fails I usually just replace the faulty one. Unless there is visible damage or performance issues with the other coil/coils there is no reason to change them all.

Does ignition coil affect cars electrical system?

The ignition coil would only affect the spark to the spark plug(s).

What is the primary parts in an ignition system?

Okay it break down like this; 1, the ignition. coil. 2, trigger or ignition module, 3 spark plug wire, 4 spark plug. You dident ask how it works. Wanna Know? I'm kolher. The primary system is the the low voltage side, points, ignition module, primary side of ignition coil and ignition switch. The secondary windings of the coil, coil wire, distributor cap, rotor, spark plug wires and spark plugs are parts of the secondary system.

What to a SUV when the ignition coil burnt?

the question,im not sure what your asking but the ignition coil would be the coil that feeds spark to you distributor,there woll be a coil wire or spark plug wire that runs from the coil to the center of your distributor cap and will have an electril wire from your ignition that supply's 12 volts to the terminal marked "+" on the coil when the key switch is turned to the run or start pos.and a electrical wire that runs from the distributor to the terminal marked "-"on the coil,unless it is a newer vehicle that has a coil for every cylinder,which would have a coil mouter over or close by every spark plug.

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