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when he wants

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Q: When should you beckon pedestrians across a road?
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When possible pedestrians should walk?

When possible, pedestrians should walk: On the right side of the road to avoid oncoming cars.

What does the following road sign mean?

A driver should yield the right-of-way to pedestrians:

What side of the road should a pedestrian walk?

If there is no pathway, the pedestrian should walk facingthe oncoming traffic.i.e in India pedestrians should walk on the right hand side of the road.

How does zebra crossings stop road accidents?

it can stop accidents by letting people across and is visibe from in the car to road

Where do pedestrians have the right of way?

In any situation where there is a designated crosswalk

How many main bridges are there in London?

There are 20 bridges across the river Thames in London which can carry road traffic plus as many more bridges which are only for rail traffic or pedestrians.

What is the Firth of Forth bridge purpose?

It has the same purpose as any other bridge, to allow passage across a river or another natural obstacle such as a ravine. Bridges usually carry a road, a railway line, pedestrians or a combination of these across a river.

Who is a road user?

road users are people who use the road.bicycles, cars, pedestrians (of all ages) and also people on horses.

When is it illegal for pedestrians to walk along the side of the road?

Most Interstate Highways, and many other high speed, limited access roads are restricted from use by pedestrians.

How many footpaths are there crossing the river Thames?

Within London, only the Millennium Bridge is reserved for pedestrians only. All of the road bridges are shared with vehicles and pedestrians.

When driving on rural roads what should you proceed with caution for?

hidden driveways and intersections with vehicles pulling out, animals, pedestrians, bicyclists, oncoming cars, sudden curves in the road.

Why does one headlight shine brighter than the other on your 2004 Ford Taurus?

ALL cars are like that. the light closest to pavement (depending on which side of the road u drive in your country) will shine brighter as to increase visibility for pedestrians or animals that may run across the road