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In my state: Washington - you may park no closer than 20 feet to a crosswalk, and no closer than 30 feet to a stop or yield sign, and no closer than 15 feet to a fire hydrant.

Your state may well have different regulations.

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Q: When parking near a corner you may park how close to the sidewalk?
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When parking near a corner you may park your vehicle no closer from the sidewalk?

20 feet.

When parking near a corner how close to it In Texas?

Your vehicle may be no closer than 25' from the corner.

When parking near corner you may park your vehicle no closer then?

20 feet

When parking near a corner you may park your vehicle no closer then?

20 feet

Within how many feet of a crosswalk may you park when parking near a corner?

20 feet

How close can you park from a fire hydrant in Roswell GA parking near a fire hydrant?

15 ft

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