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I always turn on my hazard flashers to let the person behind know I am coming to a complete stop.

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Q: When parallel parking when do you turn the blinker on?
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When you are parallel parking do you have to use turn signals?


When parallel parking on the right turn the wheels sharply to the left when?

when you are parking UPhill.supposedly then if the car rolls the wheels will contact the curb and stop the car. Down hill turn to the right

What is the size of a parallel parking in the ohio drivers test?

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How do you turn on a blinker in midnightclub la for xbox?

if you sit in the left lane for a long time the blinker will automaticly turn on

How many feet before you turn your blinker on?

You have to put on your blinker 100ft before you turn.

How do you turn the blincker on for grandtheftauto4?

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What makes the blinker sound when blinker is activated?

The turn signal flasher is what makes the noise and lets the turn signal flash.

When should you use you turning signal?

When you are making a turn, when you are changing lanes, or when you are pulling away from the curb or are parallel parking. Activate turn signals 200' before making a turn.

When parking parallel its best to leave the the wheels?

When you do parallel parking you must align the wheels strictly parallel to the curb, and then shut the engine off.

What is the parking size for parallel parking in Missouri?

20 feet

What is the space between cones for parallel parking in WV?

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Fast blinker turn signal?

often the blinker is made to blink faster when there is a bulb burned out