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The Liberty Mutual Solutions site has step-by-step instructions on how to jump-start a car battery. You can find those instructions (and download a how-to PDF) in the related links below.

Here are some safety tips to remember when you jump-start your car battery:

-ALWAYS wear eye protection or eyeglasses when you jump-start a vehicle.

-ALWAYS make sure the cables will be clear of any moving engine parts when the cars are started.

-NEVER smoke while jump-starting a vehicle.

-ALWAYS start with the ignition in both vehicles turned OFF.

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Q: When jump starting a car what cable should you use?
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Which cable do you connect first when jump starting a car?

Ground on the boosting car allways last. But the rest really does not matter.

How long should a car battery run after jump-starting?

After jump starting a car, the battery should run for at least five minutes. You want to get enough juice in the battery before attempting to turn it off.

What to do when Camry 2006 wont rev and no cruise control after jump starting battery?

This car has an electronic throttle control cable] that controls the flow of air through the throttle body. You might want to look for a blown fuse since you said you had to jump start the car.

How can you tell if the neutral safety switch is bad on a 2000 neon 5 speed?

jump the terminal on the switch and try starting the car. car should start

What if you clean terminals on car battery and give it a jump and still dies out?

battery and or alternator are shot, check alternator by starting the car, and removing either the positive or negative battery cable,,, if the vehicle continues to run the alternator is good.

What makes the car stop starting after you take off the battery cable?

Removal of the battery cable

When you jump your car it want start cable get hot?

Electricity passes through the cable. As it passes through the cable, the electricity will encounter resistance. This is what causes an electrical cable to heat up.

Can you jump start a motor bike from a car?

Yes, just be careful what the cable ends touch.

Does turning on your headlights after jump starting a car help charge the battery?


What is the circuit when jump starting a car battery. Series or parallel?


Should I use the negative or positive cable to jump start the starter?

You don't, you connect to the battery from the battery of another car. Use the positive cable to connect the two positive electrodes and the negative to connect the two negative electrodes.

How long do you have to drive around to charge a car battery after jump starting a car?

You should never drive a car around for long after jump starting a dead battery. This puts an enormous strain on the alternator. Alternators are designed to keep a good battery charged, not to charge a dead battery. You can easily burn out a diode in the alternator. Jump start the engine and drive it somewhere and connect a battery charger to the battery and charge it fully.