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The chemical energy (the fuel) turns into kinetic energy (the car moving) and heat energy(given off by burning fuel).

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Q: When gasoline is burned in a car engine and the car moveswhat energy is generated?
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What form of energy is generated when gasoline is burned in a car engine and the car moves?

kinetic energy is created

Most of the chemical energy of the gasoline burned in a car is not used to move the car but is changed into what?

Most of the chemical energy from gasoline burned in a car is converted into heat rather than useful work. This heat is generated through the combustion process and is dissipated as waste energy through the exhaust system and the cooling system of the car.

Is gasoline matter or energy?

Gasoline is a type of matter. It is a liquid fossil fuel composed of hydrocarbons that is used as a source of energy when burned in engines to produce power.

What new is formed when gasoline is burned?

energy for electronics

What forms of energy is the gasoline?

Gasoline is a form of chemical potential energy. When gasoline is burned in an engine, it is converted into thermal energy (heat) and mechanical energy (movement) to power the vehicle.

Is gasoline thermal energy?

Yes, gasoline is a form of thermal energy because it can be burned to produce heat. When gasoline is combusted in an engine, the heat energy is converted into mechanical energy to power the vehicle.

When gasoline is burned in a car engine what energy is converted into another energy?

Chemical Energy into Mechanical Energy

What type of energy does a container of gasoline have?

A container of gasoline contains chemical potential energy. When gasoline is burned, this chemical potential energy is converted into thermal energy.

An example of stored chemical energy?

Gasoline is an example of stored chemical energy. The hydrocarbons in gasoline store energy in their chemical bonds, which is released when the fuel is burned to power engines.

What is energy that is stored example unburned gasoline?

Unburned gasoline is an example of potential energy stored in chemical bonds. This potential energy can be released and converted into kinetic energy when the gasoline is burned to power an engine, for example.

What type of energy is energy stored in gasoline?

Gasoline is a mixture of hydrocarbons. As gas is burned, the compounds are broken down into simplier compounds and the breaking of these compounds releases energy.

Why gasoline considered as chemical energy?

It is not. Gasoline is not energy. Rather, it HAS energy.If gasoline is burned or otherwise combines with oxygen, energy is released. This type of energy (related to how atoms are connected with one another) is called "chemical energy".