When do you drive defensively?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Anytime your are driving a car you should drive defensively. This will greatly reduce your chance of getting in an accident.

Driving defensively means that you look ahead, put space between you and the vehicle ahead of you, turning on your signals and always leaving an "out".

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Q: When do you drive defensively?
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Use defensively in a sentence?

You will be safer if you will learn to drive defensively.

Why do you think people are saying people drive more defensively in Texas?

I personally have not ever heard anyone say that people drive more defensively in Texas. I think that any good driver drives defensively regardless of whether it is in Texas or California, New York, or Toronto.

How do avoid car accidents?

Obey the traffic laws and drive defensively.

How do you protect yourself when driving?

ALWAYS wear a seat belt. ALWAYS drive defensively. NEVER drive under the influence of anything.

Distracted drivers can drive defensively but only if they reduce speed true or false?


How do you use the defensively in a sentence?

Example sentence - He spoke defensively when asked about his father.

Where can I learn how to drive defensively?

If you already know how to drive, it's not worth it to go through a defensive driving course, the concept of defensive driving is to keep you as safe as possible at all times. There are books and websites that can provide you with this information for free.

A sentence with the word defensely in it?

Defensely isn't a word. If you meant Defensively, here's one:He stepped in front of her defensively as the man pulled out a gun.

What is to bat very defensively in cricket?


How much more likely to die if you own a motorcycle then if you dont?

It depends on how you drive.If you drive offensively you have a lot better chance of dieing then if drive defensively you will live longer .It is not usually the biker who is at fault for accidents it is the automobile driver that do not pay attention on the roads.

Stonewalling is a term associated with what sport?

In cricket, stonewalling is when the team is playing defensively rather than trying to score. The player bats defensively with the intention of not getting out and is used to try to force a draw.

The colonists could fight defensively rather than offensively.?