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The lights are dimming for the same reason your enigine shudders, the RPMs are dropping. Look for a loose vacuum line. To do this; with the engine off, look under the hood for black hoses, make sure they are all connected to something.

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Q: When coming to a stop your car shivers and lights dim?
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Does a car accelerate when it comes to a stop?

When the car is coming to a stop, it is decelerating--or it has negative acceleration.

Why Car pulsates when coming to a stop?

Maybe your car sucks.

Will the capacitor stop car lights from dimming while amp is in use?

when i play music in my car the lights dimm i wanted to know if a capacitor would stop that problem

How do you check brake lights alone?

Reflections in the car behind when you stop at traffic lights.

How often does a car stop at a stop?

Often, because there are a lot of traffic lights around...

Why do all rear car lights come on when brake is pushed?

rear car lights come on as an indication to the drivers in the back that you are about to stop.

You have an unidentifible service light on your dashboard The symbol is a car there are 3 little lines coming from each side of the back of the car There is not anything wrong with your brake lights?

Have you checked all the lights? Reverse lights, tail lights and brake lights?

Why would the car dash lights not coming on prevent car from starting?

No, -but that could indicate you have a major electrical problem.

Does the car vibrating at stop lights have anything to do with the white smoke coming out of tailpipe?

White smoke coming from the exhaust is a symptom of coolant entering the combustion chamber. This will cause the engine to miss and vibrate. More than likely your have a blown head gasket. You must STOP driving this car until this is repaired. Severe engine damage will occur if you continue to run this engine.

What is the velocity of car light?

The velocity of light coming from a cars lights will be the speed of light C in the substance in front of the lights. It wont be the speed of light+the speed of the car however.

Can the stop light switch prevent the car from coming out of park?

Yes Most cars have a solenoid that blocks the lever from moving from park unless the brake lights are on. If the brake switch is faulty it will not come out of park.

Why is car making a loud screeching noise when starting car or when idle or at stop lights?

you have a bad alternater or belt