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You can apply for a carfax vehicle report before making a purchase of a used vehicle. Any car dealership must have or produce a carfax report if and when asked by a consumer.

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Q: When can one apply for a Carfax vehicle report?
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Where could one get a free CarFax report?

Firstly, find the vehicle for which a Carfax report is required. When trying to obtain the report for free, it is best to purchase the vehicle through a dealer rather than privately, as some car dealers have accounts with Carfax and will provide a free report on a vehicle if they think they will get a sale out of it. Secondly, contact the dealer to find out in advance if they will provide the report for free. Thirdly, arrange a time suitable to view the car and obtain the report.

How can one get a free Carfax history report?

You can receive a free CARFAX history report by applying for one on the official CARFAX website. You can also ask for one when looking to purchase a used car at a major dealership.

How can one get a Carfax report on a 1979 Pontiac Trans Am?

You can't. Carfax doesn't go back that far. Carfax is a joke anyway. Very few shops actually report to carfax and any work done by the owner isn't reported either.

Where can I get a background check on a car I purchased?

One company that offers vehicle history reports includes CarFax. You can just go online and purchase or view a history report or get one from your car dealer.

How long does it take to get a carfax report?

Less than one minute online.

Where can one check VIN numbers for free?

Forget about free VIN Checks! If you need a complete vehicle report, you need to pay for it! Carfax is expensive so getting reports from alternatives is highly recommended. Instead of paying $35 from Carfax, you can get a cheap report from using this code for only $4.99.

What is the CBR of buying a preowned vehicle as opposed to a new one?

If by CBR you mean Car Buying Rule, the rules are simple. Make sure you get a Carfax report on any used vehicle and try to buy certified pre-owned cars.

How to find out who originally owned your classic car?

Get a Vehicle History Report. There are several sites that do them carfax is just one of the more well known ones right now. A history report will tell you everything from any wrecks it was in to each person that owned it.

What does one need to login to the Carfax website?

First, you need to create an account on Carfax using your email address, then you should be able to login. Carfax is a website that shows someones vehicle reports in a used cars.

Who is able to access the information that is provided by Carfax?

Carfax allows one who is considering purchasing a vehicle to check the vehicle's registration and title information, currant odometer readings, accident history including frame and structural damage, and recall information.

What companies offer car report service?

A few companies offer car report service. Even though there are a very small amount of companies which do this, there is still one which does, CARFAX.

On what websites can one check the history of a used car?

You can check the history of a used car on the site CARFAX. Other sites include, AutoTrader, CarsDirect, and AutoCheck. Many dealerships will offer you a CARFAX report for free when you request it.