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you might get hurt

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Q: When backing a loaded truck you need a helper because?
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Why does loaded truck start more slowly than an empty truck?

becoz loaded truck has got more weight than the empty becoz of which loaded truck has got more friction in tyres compared to empty truck...this may the reason why loaded truck starts slow than the empty truck

Why can a car easily go to uphill than a heavy loaded truck?

Because car is lighter and has less gravitational force to counter when moving up in comparison to a heavy loaded truck.

How much does a UPS truck weigh loaded with packages?

The weight of a loaded UPS truck will depend quite a bit on the model. The average loaded weight of a newer model UPS truck is 19,500 pounds.

Which is faster to stop an empty truck or loaded truck?

Depends on the vehicle and braking system. In a commercial vehicle, the brakes are designed specifically for stopping a loaded vehicle, and an unloaded truck can actually require more stopping distance than a loaded truck.

What is theavg mpg of a food loaded semi-truck?

Between five and eight miles per gallon for a loaded truck.

Why is it more difficult to stop a fully loaded truck than a unloaded one?

because it is affected by gravity

When is a truck most likely to jackknife loaded over loaded or empty?


How do you make a sentence with the word loaded?

The furniture has been loaded onto the truck.

Do I need helper springs on my f-350 crewcab single wheel power stroke if I am hauling a 2150 slide in camper and pull a horse trailer that weighs about 8000 loaded?

i doubt it, that's one monster of a truck

What is the distance from backing plate to backing plate on a 1981 Chevy half ton truck?

good luck

When backing a large truck?

Don't be shy about getting out and looking, try to avoid blind side backing if possible.

What is the stopping distance of a loaded dump truck 18 Ton loaded?

A loaded semi at 60 MPH takes around 200 yards to come to a complete stop. For a dump truck, you should expect similar results.