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Under some conditions, traction control can do more harm than good. In heavy, sticky snow, it's sometimes better to let the wheels spin to keep them from caking up; traction control will prevent this from happening. Allowing wheel spin can also have the effect of grinding through a thin coating of ice (though this can be useful, it's brutal on the tires); traction control must be disabled to allow this. Finally, the traction control systems on certain (mostly Japanese) models will cut engine power so severely that the car appears to stall; this is usually a bad thing and it can actually be dangerous. In any of these scenarios, it can be useful to disable the traction control system, keeping in mind that the car's stability may suffer, though it shouldn't be any worse than it would be on a similar car that's not equipped with traction control.

Under normal conditions, traction control should have almost no effect on gas mileage (since it only engages after a wheel starts to slip).

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Q: When and why should someone their traction control off button?
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How do you turn on traction control on an envoy?

There should be a button on your truck that looks like a truck sliding or swirving. Press the button and traction control off should appear on your dash.

What does traction off on a 2004 cadillac sedan deville mean and how do you reset it?

Traction control is what keeps your wheels from spinning on ice dirt mud etc. On the end of the gear shifter is a button and it should say with an arrow "traction control". If functioning properly, when you push the button it will turn traction control back on.

What does ETS off mean?

It means your traction control is turned off. Should be a button for it on the side of your shifter.

What is the trac off button?

This turns off your traction control and should give you a little better fuel mileage.

How do you turn off traction control on an envoy Denali?

There should be a button on your truck that looks like a truck sliding or swirving. Press the button and traction control off should appear on your dash.

What does the TRAC button do and or mean on the dashboard of Saturn 2002?

It turns off your traction control. Meaning the wheels may slip in poor traction conditions when in the on position the vehicles comp. will lessen the torque on the wheels or divert the power to a different wheel. I'd leave it on! There is also a traction control light that flickers when the traction control is detecting wheel slippage and trying to compensate. I check this and if it flickers too much, I shift down. If you turn off the traction control this light will not flicker, so you won't realize you should shift down. There are a few rare circumstances where it is useful to turn off the traction control, the button is there for those cases but right now I don't recall them.

What does the ETS OFF light mean on in a 97 Grands Am?

It means the electronic traction control system is off. The button to turn it on should be on the side of the shifter. It is to help you from spinning your tires.

Why does the traction light keeps coming on every time the car is turned on?

The Traction Control Light comes on every time you turn on the ignition. It should go off as soon as you start the engine. If it does not, then you have the traction control turned off. Turn it back on and the light will go off. If you have the Traction Control turned on and the light stays lit, then there is a problem with the traction control.

How do you disable the traction control on a 1998 Ford Crown Victoria police interceptor?

You need to remove the fuse for it, for that you'll need a manual for that model and year. The above answer is incorrect, sure you could do that but!!!! Check in the glove box to see if there is a round push button switch. If there is and it wasnt removed- this button will disable the traction control. To verify that it is off there will be a light that says traction control that will light up on the instrument panel. It will reset back to ON everytime the car is shut off. This is on a 1998 p71 Crown victoria, an LX Vic should be the same.

How do you turn on traction control on vauxhall car?

Normally there should be a twisty knob that switches between them or a button that puts it into different modes just have a look around your car or read a manual

What is the function of the pna and r button on a 2004 on a 2004 Chevy Tracker?

It is the traction control---It turns it off and on--egaged it will slow down the rear wheels like a front wheel drive does and give traction where needed--It should light up on the instrument panel when turned on

How do you know if your car has traction control?

There should be a light that comes on labeled T/C on the dash when you turn the key on before you start the car. You should also have a button that's labeled T/C or Traction that will turn this feature on or off.Also your owners manual will tell you,or go to your local dealership and they should be able to tell you if it has this feature.