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Yes... if the timing is not right anything can warp or crack... so be very careful.

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Q: When a car jumps timing can it warp the heads?
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Can a timing belt slows the the car?

Yes, it if is worn and jumps a tooth.

What all damage can over heating do to a car?

Overheating can warp and crack cylinder heads, head gaskets and all bearings, especially crank bearings. In extreme it will destroy the engine

Is it safe to drive a car with a blown head gasket?

No. You can warp the heads making your repair costs triple. You can not only warp the heads you can totally destroy the engine. Coolant mixes with the oil when a head gasket is blown. This causes serious engine wear in a short period of time. Never run an engine with a blown head gasket.

Is their warp speed car yes or no?


What does it mean when your car jumps?

The car has a boo boo

Can a timing belt be changed in a car more than once?

Yes but it depends on whether its worth the trouble or not. Sometimes when the timing belt breaks it will cause the pistons to slam into the heads. this can be a very expensive fix

What do you do if your 93 Lincoln Town Car runs hot and your oil and water mix?

You have a blown head gasket. Stop driving the car or you will do serious damage to this engine. The heads will have to be removed, checked for warp-age & cracks, and new head gaskets installed.

Where can one view videos with insane car jumps?

The best place to view videos with insane car jumps is YouTube. A YouTube search for insane car jumps returns hundreds of results one could enjoy watching.

Was in accident replaced tie rod and adjuster now car jumps at 60 mph until you get to 30mph?

Check front spindles/axles, check brake rotor for warpage, and check ball joints and see if there might be a small warp in the rim of the wheel. Also have the car realigned if you haven't already.

What does it mean if the motor jumps when you put the car in drive?

If it literally "jumps", it's a bad motormount.

Can a car crank without a timing belt?

The timing belt turns your camshaft which opens and closes the valves. If you have a non-interference head your engine will crank. If it doesn't then your valves will smash into your piston heads and something would have to break for it to turn over.

If the timing has jumped will the car start?

no the car will not start timing has to be set again