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It burns up the engine very quickly.

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Q: When a car is out of water what damage happens to the car?
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What happens if the water in your water pump freezes in your car?

It can break the water pump housing, engine block, radiator. Major damage.

What happens if you hit a car in a car park with no damage?

no damage, no problem. nuff said

What happens when you put negative on positive in a car?

You will damage the electrical system of the car

Will boiling water damage my car tires?

Boiling water will not damage your car tires. It is a method used to remove stubborn rims that have stuck from the car tires.

What happens when there is no water in the radiator?

When there is no water in the radiator, a car can overheat. Serious damage can occur like a blown head gasket an warping if one drives for a long time without placing water in the radiator.

What happens if you have no isurance and have a car accident?

unfortunately for you, you have to pay the damage bill.

Will water in gas tank damage car?

damage engine no.. will the engine run no.

What happens if a police damage your car during a search time?

Police are liable for the damage that they do to your car. You can file for damages against the police department to get your money.

If the water flows right out of the car what could be wrong?

water damage.

Can water damage a car alternator?

No. It is made to withstand water.

What happens if an underage driver takes his friend car and wrecks the car?

The underaged driver's parents are responsible for the damage to the car.

Does water damage mean a total loss of the car?

Depends on the extent of the water damage. If the car was completely under water during a flood, and is moldy as a result of that flooding, then, yes, the car would be a total loss. If the water damage is inconsequential small leaks, those kind of things can be easily repaired.