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November, 1973

Air bags were invented in 1951 and tested over the following 20 years.

In November, 1973, the air bag was marketed as optional by GM for "several 1974 model full-size cars made by the Buick, Cadillac and Oldsmobile divisions. This system was known as the Air Cushion Restraint System". This low volume production item was later abandoned.

In 1980, Mercedes Benz reintroduced the air bag on its high end S-Class vehicle as an optional supplemental restraint system, in addition to seatbelts.

In 1987, Porsche was the first car to have both driver and passenger air bags as standard equipment.

In 1984, the US required manufaturers to implement air bags in cars produced after April 1, 1989. The NHTSA mandated dual front air bags in 1998.

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Q: What year did they start putting airbags in cars?
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