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Q: What year did pa change vehicle inspection from 6 month to 1 year?
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What month does the year of a vehicle change?

In the USA the new models generally come out in September.

When does a NY State inspection sticker expire?

A NYS Inspection sticker expires on the last day of the month it was punched during the year indicated on the sticker. If the sticker says "2011" and the month "June" is punched, the vehicle needs to be re-inspected on or before June 30, 2011.

What color is the 2013 inspection sticker pennsylvania?

It varies depending on the month in the year.

When does a WV inspection sticker expire?

On the sticker,it says (Expires on month and year indicated.) The sticker expires at the end of the month during the year indicated.

How often should a vehicle's brake system be inspected in a year?

The whole vehicle should have a safety inspection every service.

Does a 21 year old car need an emission inspection in new york state?

Yes, all New York state vehicles must pass a vehicle inspection in order to be driven legally. The vehicle must meet the requirements for the year that the vehicle was manufactured as well as a safety check.

New nc inspection stickers?

NO MORE STICKERS! The new NC inspection laws will bundle all of your vehicle state requirements together electronically. Records will be associated with your license plate number. There will be no physical stickers in the windshield, effective November 1st, 2008. The annual inspection will be required in the same month as your tags come due after this year's inspection is completed. This year you will be required to have the inspection just as it has always been, by the end of the month in which it expires, but in subsequent years you will have your vehicle inspected and then go pick up your new tags. If you have not had the vehicle inspected and/or the taxes have not been paid on the car, then you will not be able to get your new registration card and tags until those two requirements have been taken care of. Hope this sheds some light on the situation. If not, any garage offering state inspections can explain it to you in person.

When does a car go for inspection?

When the registration has expired. The tags on your rear license plate should have the month and year of expiration, that's when you take it to get safety and emissions inspection.

How often should you have your breaking system checked?

The brake system along with a complete safety inspection of the vehicle should be done at each oil change (aprox every 5K or once a year).

Does inflation rate changes month after month or year after year?

It may change, yes.

How do you change date range from Month Day Year in Outlook Express?

How to change date range from, Month, Day, Year, to Day, Month ,Year, when receiving mail in Outlook Express

Will a car pass inspection if the tail light is taped?

no the vehicle can no longer have repair tape on lens. this was just sent out in a memo from pa state inspection board last year