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They will definitely spark only if they are connected incorrectly meaning one car you put black on black red on red and the other car you put red on black and black on red a BIG NO NO

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Q: What would make jumper cables spark and smoke?
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Why would a car stall after you take the jumper cables off after starting it?

Alternator is defective.

Where do you dig up night crawlers?

In the ground I would think, try a car battery and jumper cables and two rods then digbthe rods in the ground hook up jumper cables and see worms pop up when you see the worm unhook the cables be safe

Would it due any damage to a 1995 jetta GL 2.0 if you replace the spark plug cables from a Nissan 240sx?

If you are talking about switching the spark plug cables between the two vehicles then, as long as they fit snug it should not hurt it. However different engines use different length and thickness cables for spark plugs. You would not get a genuine optimized spark by using non spec cables.

What would happen if you were to connect two car batteries to a metal screen using two jumper cables?

The batteries would get very hot, the cables might be set on fire and the metal screen could get so hot it might melt. This experiment is likely to be dangerous so don't do it! There is no reason for anyone to want to trash a good pair of jumper cables and a metal screen this way...

Will a bad alternator cause new spark plugs to smoke?

Spark plugs don't smoke. A bad alternator would cause a dead battery.

How can you make a car without a battery move?

If your car has a battery and it's dead, you can call a friend who has some jumper cables. You can hook the jumper cables up to his battery and your car's battery. It should create electricity that will renew your battery. If your car does not have a battery, you would have to push it or get it towed.

What would make the jumper cables spark and smoke if you just replaced the trans in a 85 C-10 no problems yesterday but this morning you had no power and you can't jump it because of the cables?

Jump start cables must always be connected "+" to "+" and " - " to " - "NEVER the other way around.Note: It is much safer to connect the last "-" cable to somewhere on the car's bodywork away from the second battery. After the car has been started remove that same cable first. Doing it that way will help to avoid sparks causing explosions of the hydrogen gas which is given off from batteries when they are being charged.Other answersVERY DANGEROUS!If connected improperly:either from "+" of Battery A to "-" of Battery Borfrom "-" of Battery A to "+" of Battery Bthen that would cause the jumper cables to short-out both batteries - boy would they spark, smoke and burn!Because of the physical location of the starter in relation to the bell housing of the transmission, check for a short at the battery connect at the starter. Make sure that those connections are completely clear of any part of the bell housing and transmission. If that was the last place you worked, I would suspect that is the place to start looking.Could be the cable is too light for the load i.e. excessive current draw for the wiring size.Could be a dead short somewhere in the vehicle.Check for a battery cable grounded out on the exhaust manifold.

Why would spark plug wires get hot and smoke?

Because of the heat/fire with electricity would start it to make/create a chemical reaction which would have it smoke.

How do you remove a battery from a 2001 Passat 1800TI?

Best and easiest way to change battery in any Volkswagen. Remember if your computer loses power it will go into limp mode and you will find yourself at the dealership for vag-com. Have a friend with a good battery and a set up jumper cables and hook cables from his battery to yours, loosen battery terminals on your battery and carefully remove battery with out knocking the cables off (remember keep power to the battery cables on your WW). Carefully install your new battery and tighten the terminals. With jumper cables still hooked to your car start your engine, then remove the jumper cables. I would then take car for a short drive to ensure that there is a full charge to the battery you just installed.

Why would a 1993 Buick Regal 3.1 have no spark to the plugs?

Like most cars with no "spark" it can be caused by faulty/old cables. Replacing them would be a quick and cheap solution if in fact they are the cause.

How do you connect a car battery cable to a battery not in the car?

It would be essentially the same as connecting a battery in the car, except with longer cables. You would have to use jumper cables to extend the car battery cables. Be sure to follow ALL safety procedures. Do NOT let anyone or anything metal touch anything else except where you make the connections. Do not touch the metal connectors themselves. I assume there is no battery in the car. I will call the battery that is not in the car the "external battery". First connect the positive ("+", usually red) jumper cable to the positive car battery cable, & then the other end of that jumper cable to the positive external battery terminal. Then do the same with the negative ("-", usually black) car battery cable & jumper cable. The last thing you connect should be the far end of the negative jumper cable to the negative terminal of the external battery. When you are ready to disconnect the external battery from these cables, do so in reverse order, starting with disconnecting the negative ("-", usually black) jumper cable from the negative external battery terminal.

Why would a car not have any power unless connected to jumper cables then once connected still not turn over?

Sounds like you need a new battery that works.