What would happen if you only use one piston ring on 80cc bike engine?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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If you only use one piston ring on 80cc bike engine, the compression ration will be reduced.

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Q: What would happen if you only use one piston ring on 80cc bike engine?
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What is faster a 6.5 horsepower engine or 80cc horsepower engine?

80cc is the size of the piston (bore and stroke) and has little to do with horsepower. There are 80cc engines that only output 4 or 5 horsepower. There are racing 80cc engines that run on alcohol or methanol and output 20 horsepower.

How much oil for 2009 Honda 80cc dirt bike?

how much engine oil goes in an 80cc dirt bike

What is the oil fuel mix in a Yamaha 80cc 2 stroke engine?


Is there a bicycle engine larger than 80cc available for purchase?

Only when there is someone riding it! :)

How do you do a wheelie on a 80cc Honda crf?

you have to rev the engine about half way then drop the clutch.

How much weight can a 80cc engine push?

There is not a direct answer to your question due to you are asking about engine size/displacement. The amount of "work" an engine can accomplish is related to the torque that is output from an engine. The amount of torque an 80cc engine can produce is also variable. For example, a screaming 2 stroke run at 12,000 rpm does not have much torque -- it relies on the engine momentum to do work. A 4 stroke 80cc engine would have more "torque" (but less horsepower) There is also a gearbox you have to include. A large reduction gearbox that turns slow for the high engine rpm could output hundreds of pounds of torque (foot pounds or pound feet) translating to pushing thousands of pounds.

Does 80cc equal 8ml?

No; 80cc=80ml

What is 80cc's equivalent too?

80cc = 80cm3 = 80mL

What engine is in my four stoke Yamaha dirt bike serial number 367-210041?

that engine code is not a four stroke, its 2 stroke 80cc

What is the limit size of the engine of a motorcycle for a fourteen year old in Alabama?

80cc is made for ages 12 and up

What kind of oil goes in a Yamaha moto 4 80cc engine?

4 stroke 10w 40 weight oil. Use one for motorcycles...Castrol or Valvoline would work.

What is the difference between 70cc kit and 80cc kit?

the 80cc kit is for a faster run