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Something is out of balance, maybe the water pump is on its way out.

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Q: What would cause rattling and vibration sound at high rpm?
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What would cause a knocking rattling sound from right front tire on a 2000 Dodge Intrepid?

Worn Ball Joint

What would cause a grinding or rattling sound when accelerating from a stop or when turning?

if its a front wheel drive vehicle then it could be the axels

What would cause a rattling sound on the front driver's side of the car?

I would have your exaust pipe looked at, it might be loose, or might even be missing a bracket.

What would cause a rattling sound in the front drivers side of a Ford F-250?

Could be a worn out shock or wheel bearings. Is it 4 wheel drive?

What would cause a thumping sound under your car while breaking?

Is it accompanied by a shuddering or vibration? You could likely have bad brake rotors.

What would cause a rattling sound coming from a manual transmission in a 1999 dodge ram 1500?

It may be your catalytic converter. Ours did the same thing with an automatic transmission. We sometimes thought it was the transmission, then we received a recall on the converter. Took it in to be replaced, and no more rattling.

A vibration which is rapid back and forth motion?

The rapid back and forth of air or other matter is the sounds vibration (vibration is the anwser).

Why would a 1994 SL2 develop a loud growling and rattling sound?

Check your muffler pipes.

Why would your car idle rough steering wheel vibrate and make a rattling noise?

Check pLugs and wires and the vibration my be from brake pads or warped rotors

How can sound be changeed by changing the rate of vibration?

It would be different pich

What would cause a rattling noise when putting a car into gear?

bad transfer case

Why would a Camry rattle when you release the pedal at start?

If it's coming from the rear, I would check either your catalytic converter or your muffler. Either could have pieces loose in them that would cause a rattling sound when you either push or release the throttle.