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First of all, I would think that it would be pretty much impossible, and second depending on the size of the school, the weight of it would more than likely crush anything underneath it, depending on what it is. However I have seen some videos in my Welding class in the past where they did move houses before using specail indutrial equipment, but to move a school would be a different story. I think it could be done, but would be near impossible, the force you would need to pull a school from the ground and keep it airborne long enough to install some axels and wheels on it would be ridiculous. Not to mention that the size of the wheels would need to be enourmous along with the width of the axels to actually toletate that much weight. also for it to even move anywhere you would need a engine that has enough torque and horse power to even consider moving 1 mile per hour. Also to have a steering system I would think would be impossible since the length and width of the school would require alot of wheels and alot of distance between them. Making it similar to how a bus or a Semi Truck turns, and how difficult it is to manuever. Not only would this take alot of work to build, It could possibly cost millions or billions of doallars to make, plus finding wheels and axels that big I would think would be very difficult.

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Q: What will happen if your school is put on wheels?
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