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The name speaks for itself.

Any product that can be used in/with another product or part is far more useful than one that can only be used with one product or part.

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Q: What were the advantages of interchangeable parts?
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When was interchangeable parts invented?

the interchangeable parts where invented in 1798.

Was interchangeable parts used everywhere?

interchangeable parts are used in factories

Is interchangeable parts a noun a verb or adjective?

Interchangeable is an adjective; parts is a noun.

What innovation made complicated product easier to make?

Interchangeable Parts

Are 1995 and 1996 Galants interchangeable as far as parts?

1995 and 1996 Galant parts are interchangeable. Some of these interchangeable parts are the floor panels, handles, and aircon vents.

Interchangeable parts where invented by whom?

Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin and interchangeable parts.

How do you use interchangeable parts in a sentence?

Theconstruction workers needed interchangeable parts for their model building.

What parts are interchangeable with a 1990 ford ranger?

Interchangeable with what other vehicle? You list none. Some parts from the Explorer may be interchangeable with the Ranger.

How did using interchangeable parts change factory work?

Interchangeable parts made production faster and easier

Are interchangeable parts still use today?

Yes very much. Without interchangeable parts most things would have to be made from scratch. Interchangeable parts allows for a part to be replaced without having to rebuild the entire item. Imagine cars without interchangeable parts.

Are 29 Chevrolet and 35 Chevrolet body parts interchangeable?

1929 and 1935 Chevrolet body parts are not interchangeable.

What did Eli Whitneys interchangeable parts make?

The Interchangeable parts were used mainly in the construction of firearms, then spread to mills.