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Q: What was the rate of car ownership in America by the early 1960's?
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What was the rate of home ownership in the 1940s?

In 1942 the United States home ownership rate stood at approximately 46 percent.

What was the unemployment rate during the 1960s?


What is India's home ownership rate?


Why does the US have high gun ownership rate?

Because we can.

Is there a correlation between rates of gun ownership and gun violence?

There does appear to be one. It is an INVERSE correlation. As the rate of gun ownership INCREASES, the rate of violent crime DECREASES.

How did growth in the ophthalmic goods industry progress before the 1960s?

Until the 1960s, growth in the ophthalmic goods industry had occurred at a steady, predictable rate, largely dictated by the rate of population growth in the United States.

Estimate the unemployment rate during the 1960s if the inflation rate had been 2.5 percent . Round your answer to the nearest tenth of a percent.?


What was the home ownership rate during the great depression?

In 1930 the homeownership rate in the United States was 47.8%. By 1940, it had fallen to 43.6%.

What is the gun ownership rate of US citizens?

The US has the highest level of gun ownership in the world at about 88.8%; 34% higher than the next highest, Yemen. It's interesting to consider and not wholly unrelated that South Africa's gun ownership rate is 12.7 (which puts it at about 50th of all nations) but has a murder by gun rate of 74.57:100,000 as opposed to that of the US, 15.22:100,000, making the murder rate in South Africa the highest in the world. One has to wonder if the South African murder rate would be lower if more people there owned guns legally.

What is the rate of teens in America who get pimples?

the rate is suck my balls

Which country in Central America has the highest literacry rate?

Costa Rica has the highest literacy rate in Central America, with around 97% of the population being literate.

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